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Saturday, March 16th at 3pm - Rebekah Honeycutt

by Blue Ridge Books on 03/02/13

Join us on Saturday, March 16th at 3pm for author Rebekah Honeycutt.  Rebekah will be signing her new debut book Sapphire Eyes!

Rebekah Honeycutt has many titles: Mother; Paramedic; Student, but has recently acquired a new label: Author. After self-publishing her first book, Sapphire Eyes: The Secret Society of Magical Medics, Ms. Honeycutt became an international author, by selling her novel in six countries, within the first month.Rebekah takes readers on a journey through the world of Emergency Medical Services, while adding a twist of mystical finesse.

Rebekah began her career in emergency services as a volunteer firefighter, and then worked her way through college to obtain the credentials of a paramedic. She is now working on a degree in American Sign Language- Interpreter Education where she plans to not only become an interpreter, but to also educate emergency providers about Deaf culture and American Sign Language.

Rebekah had originally created her characters within a dream. Once awake, she frantically scribbled the events which turned into her first novel. As she wrote the last sentence, she knew there had to be more. With the first book in the series complete, she published "Sapphire Eyes" January 1st, 2013 as a New Years" resolution to initiate her dreams. She is currently working on the second book, "Golden Tears" which is expected to be completed by 2014.

Kyelena, the main character, is a single-mother and EMT who receives an invitation she can't ignore. She and her best friend, Layla, are inducted into a male-dominated secret society comprised of medics throughout the globe. By accepting their offer she unknowingly creates a war within the new world she has come to love. Will her newly acquired magical abilities be enough?

You can find Sapphire Eyes at Blue Ridge Bookstore in Waynesville, NC where it is available in paperback format.

We hope to see you soon,

Blue Ridge Books

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